An ecologically important genus of mushrooms

Papua New Guinea sp. 2

PILEUS: 15-45 (-60) mm diam, convex to uplifted, with central depression, glabrous to finely fibrillose, not striate, dull vinaceous brown (8c3-4) to pale cinnamon (6d5), fading to pale buff; margin decurved, entire; context 1 mm thick, concolorous with pileus, odor mild; taste mild. LAMELLAE: adnate to adnexed, close, thin to moderately thick, up to 3 mm broad, entire, pinkish salmon (7a3) to pale brown (6a-b2). STIPE: (20-) 30-60 x 2-5 mm, equal, glabrous to finely fibrillose, concolorous to darker orange brown than pileus (7c6); basal mycelium white.   

PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Eastern Highlands, Goroka District, Mt. Gahavisuka Provincial Park, former coffee garden. 6° 1.06’ S 145° 24.5’ E. 2150-2320 m alt. Disturbed closed canopy lower montane forest with Castinopsis acuminatisima, Pandamus, and tree ferns. 17 January 2006. Collected by G.M. Mueller and R. Treu, GMM 7282, GMM 7283, 7284. 29 January, Same location. Collected by G.M. Mueller and R. Treu, GMM 7377.