An ecologically important genus of mushrooms

Papua New Guinea sp. 3

PILEUS:  (12-) 30-65 mm diam, strongly convex to convex, plane to depressed, perforate in one, finely fibrillose to rimose, strongly plicate, dark reddish brown, fading to ochraceous.  LAMELLEA:  adnexed to arcuate, distant to very distant, thick up to 15 mm broad, entire, pale peach-color(7a-b3-4).  STIPE:  50-80x (3-) 5-15 mm, equal to tapering towards base, fibrillose, ground color light orange brown (7a3), fibrils concolorous with pileus to slightly darker; basal mycelium white.   

PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Eastern Highlands, Goroka District, 3km NW of Goroka, Massey Village, Levekuka. 6° 2.9’ S, 145° 23.55’ E,  1750-1771 meters alt,  closed canopy forest with Castenopsis acuminatisima and Lithocarpus sp. 19 January 2006. Collected by G.M. Mueller, R. Treu, and C. Pepe.  GMM 7300, GMM7301, GMM7302